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President Trump of United States of America has made it so much easier for Pakistan to open an avenue that should have been opened long long time ago. I think it should have been opened in the late 1980s when America had practically ditched Pakistan after the other great superpower the Soviet Union had been virtually trounced by the ISI-led force of Mujahideen that had been raised with the support of Washington.
Having achieved its basic goal — the defeat of the Soviet Union, America left Pakistan alone to bear the consequent fallout of the long Afghan Jehad. America in fact had at that time committed the first act of treachery against this Nation when it had secretly encouraged Prime Minister Junejo to break away from President General Zia and take matters away from the grip of the Pak Army. General Zia was quick to sense the mischief and he promptly dismissed Junejo’s government. This dismissal was carried out with such stunning surprise and suddenness that even the CIA didn’t anticipate it. This enraged Washington for two reasons. One the American ambassador in Islamabad, Raphael was a CIA officer, and he had failed to learn about the action beforehand. Two, it was the first-time ever that a Pakistani ruler had dared to act so independently. American rage was adequately and ruthlessly expressed on August 17, 1988 when not only General Zia and the cream of Pakistan’s military leadership were ‘eliminated’, but also the American ambassador whose ‘inefficiency’ had caused the embarrassment of the dismissal of the U.S-backed Junejo on May 28, 1988.
Since that fateful day Pakistan’s foreign policy has been in tatters.
Pakistan’s military did some damage control by going ahead with the raising of a disciplined force by the name of Taliban to counter the havoc created by the warring Afghan warlords who were willing to barter away the country’s national interests to any interested power, in return for monetary and other gains.
But Pakistan never had any foreign policy. Even when General Musharraf was at the helm of affairs, he capitulated in face of a vicious threat by George Bush. By accepting America’s right to occupy Afghanistan, General Musharraf virtually half-surrendered the sovereignty of his own country. By the time he woke up to reality under the pressure the U.S built with its ‘DO MORE’ command, it was too late. All America needed was an Asif Ali Zardari, a Mian Nawaz Sharif and an Iftikhar Chaudhry, to snatch power from General Musharraf’s hands, and unleash upon this helpless country an era of chaos generated by the greed of its political leaders.
Let us be grateful to the GHQ for churning out at this critical juncture a handful of Generals who are unwilling to capitulate and who are determined to stay firm in “the way of any sellout.”
It is now time to realize that Pakistan needs a Foreign Policy of its own and being a confirmed Nuclear Power, it is under no serious threat of getting obliterated if it exercises FREE WILL in the cause of its sovereignty and long-term NATIONAL INTERESTS.