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An objectionable legislation


By deleting the oath form,  comprising as many as 19 declarations , which every candidate desirous to contest polls of parliament was supposed to make at the time of submitting nomination papers before the returning officer on the eve of election , the government has paved the way for the unscrupulous political element to enter parliament quite easily. Now every Tom, Dick Harry can easily contest the polls whether he is a bank defaulter or involved in any criminal offence, or doesn’t pay government taxes regularly or submits wrong information about his private assets to the Election Commission. The tragedy is that almost all the political parties agreed to this amendment in the Election Act recently and nobody raised even a tiny finger against it. Neither any one of them thought that the civilised world would laugh at them for putting a premium on corruption. What a pity that while the parliamentary democracies elsewhere have been making their parliamentarians more accountable day in and day out through continuous legislation in the election rules, we on the contrary, are doing quite he opposite.

History would never forgive those legislators who were a party to this anti-people unjust amendment.

Parliament is a very important state institution. It is extremely essential that it should comprise persons who enjoy impeccable financial and moral integrity, who are highly educated and experts in various fields of life. If its doors are opened for persons of dubious character then God be with us.