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Lack of good governance is our main problem


There is no denying the fact that it is the civil administration and the police which have to implement government policies. It is these two state institutions which have to redress the public grievances. They certainly bring a bad name to the government if they fail to deliver. It is, therefore, of paramount importance that every government worth its salt should make key appointments in these two important state institutions strictly on merit. A capable, efficient and honest civil administration and police are a bonus to the sitting government but if they are inefficient or corrupt they bring down its esteem in the public eye.
There is no gainsaying the fact that there is a lack of good governance today in the country and the main sufferer is the common man. The administration is not accessible to him so when he feels desperate he has no choice but to knock at the door of judiciary for justice. When the judges admonish the government on its failure to fulfil its constitutional obligations towards the people, the latter feels offended and accuses them of interfering in the domain of the executive. It would be better that if instead of criticising the judiciary on its judicial activism, the government should set its house in order and improve the working of the executive. Improvement in the working of the executive can be brought only if all appointments in the civil administration and police are made on merit and merit alone instead of the recommendatory chits of parliamentarians.
POSTSCRIPT: The next ODI World Cup tournament isn’t far away. The PCB should go the whole hog in selecting best available players for it and then grooming them properly. Time is of the essence.