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The highly politicised students’ unions

There is more than one opinion about the formation of students ‘ unions in the colleges and universities of this country. The apologists of these unions consider their existence extremely essential for the intellectual development of the students . Their detractors, however, hold the view that they are sheer wastage …

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Step motherly treatment to railways

Railway was and is a poor man’ s transport in this country atleast as well as in the adjoining India. The expenditure incurred on the transportation of the merchandise from one town to another through the railway’s goods train is also much less and economical than its transportation through other …

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An exercise in futility

If one looks at the calendar of the past ten years or so, one finds that the rulers of Afghanistan and Pakistan have been visiting each other quite frequently but nothing concrete has emerged out of these meetings galore. Frequent contact of the heads of state for the sake of …

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