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A need of the hour

The anguish of Kabul and its sugar daddies Washington and New Delhi over fencing of the Durand Line by the Pak Army is understandable. It is the only effective way to checkmate the intrusion of the enemy agents into Pakistan for carrying out subversive activities inside Pakistan. The paid agents …

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The decline of the MQM

It was good to see the chairman senate travelling in train from Rawalpindi to Lahore a few days back. Time was when President Ayub Khan fancied travelling though railway with the result that there was an overall improvement in the functioning of railways during his stint in office. Not only …

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Search of electable

This is the season of political somersaults galore in which one can see political leaders changing their political loyalties at the drop of hat. Elections are round the corner and during this time the heads of political parties always search candidates who are capable of winning the polls. Considerations like …

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The highly politicised students’ unions

There is more than one opinion about the formation of students ‘ unions in the colleges and universities of this country. The apologists of these unions consider their existence extremely essential for the intellectual development of the students . Their detractors, however, hold the view that they are sheer wastage …

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