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About The Myth Called Freedom

Naom Chomsky had observed a few years back that America was fond of championing the cause of freedom of expression, freedom of worship, freedom of choice and many such freedoms which happened to be related to the Rights of Man which had been the fuel that had powered both the French Revolution and America's war for Independence. "But in fact and effect," Naom Chomsky had emphasized, "no other freedom happens to be dearer to the United States than the freedom to rob the weaker nations of their resources and the freedom to exploit the peoples of the underdeveloped countries to...


Low quality political leadership

The quality of political leadership in the U.S has fallen down. was when the likes of Jefferson George Washington, Abraham Lincoln etc used to be the tenants of the White House. Nobody had ever thought that mediocres like Trump or Biden would also one day occupy chair in its Oval office. Putin has, lately emerged as one of the strongest political figure in Europe. In a very short time he has made his presence felt throughout Europe and the Americans are shit scared of his grown and growing influence in the world politics. Though both China and Soviet union have...