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Spreading Pessimism through Detractors of Afghan Peace Talks

Kashif khan

The security situation in Afghanistan is presently casting concerns among the regional and international countries despite their every possible assistance to fortify the security apparatus and related matters of the Afghan government. The overall security situation in Afghanistan seems deteriorating due to a number of reasons including bad governance, corruption, Human rights abuses, drug and human trafficking, political differences and above all; the failing security apparatus of Afghanistan. Such kind of situation, obviously provide an ideal environment for any militant or insurgent groups to cash the vulnerabilities of the government as Taliban and Daesh are taking the full advantage of the current situation of Afghanistan.
Pakistan and Afghanistan not only shares a considerable border but common values and unbreakable human relations, which naturally hold them in an unbreakable bond. Pakistan has always welcomed reconciliation efforts between the Afghan Government and the Afghan Taliban but also warned of “detractors of peace” . As far as Taliban are concerned they have stuck to their principal stance of not sitting with Americans until and unless they leave Afghanistan. Experts opine that the resumption of peace talks ,in presence of US and China participation has probably melted the ice and the apparent compromise on the earlier taken stances can be attributed as a great achievement of the stakeholders, participants and facilitators of the said peace talks. It is now up to the Afghan government’s ability that how they manage to successfully navigate through the odds and carve a history ; worth remembering.
Although the present Afghan government led by President Ashraf Ghani is said to be making all out efforts to achieve economic stability , Peace and prosperity for the country, but unfortunately the weeds of opposition within Afghanistan are harming the Afghan government’s multilateral initiatives which could disrupt the positive momentum achieved after the desperate and tireless efforts by Afghan President. In this regard, the former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who is known for being influenced by India often consume his mornings with disseminating anti- Pakistan narratives at national and international media and forums. The security situation in Afghanistan has broadly turned into a new dimension of concern and confusion. The continued attacks by Taliban on Afghan forces has surprised the peace seekers in the country and abroad; in the backdrop of resumed peace talks, such attempts are aimed to damage the peace process and marginalized the faction within Taliban ranks, who possibly want to resolve their issues with talks with the present Afghan government.
Experts are of the opinion that Indian influence is gradually increasing in Afghanistan and their negativity is gradually influencing the security and political circles of Afghanistan, the trend could damage the ongoing initiatives of fostering good relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, if the negativity is not checked by the responsible Afghan quarters. In this regard, the negative efforts of former President Hamid Karzai against Pakistan is also quite glaring. Hamid Karzai seems to be confused regarding taking some sane stance on Taliban. During his failed tenure he had always criticized Americans for Taliban’s support; on the other hand he kept on accusing Pakistan for supporting Taliban. Following the negative row led by Hamid Karzai, other Afghan lawmakers and politicians have also never spared any occasion to create the environment of mistrust which could divert the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s peace efforts to failure.
The time to time negative statements by Afghan politicians and officials not only contradict their own will to achieve the peace and stability in Afghanistan but also implies that some orchestrated negative forces are being propelled to disrupt the ongoing peace process. President Ashraf Ghani’s rapprochement with Islamabad had led to an obvious unease in some quarters in Afghanistan and India. It is quite surprising that at one end, the so called Afghan loyalists claim their loyalties with Afghan people and constitution, whereas their actions are in contradiction, and against peace making efforts. In a war ravaged country like Afghanistan, while suffering from complete destruction, any peace effort should have been given ample encouragement. On the contrary, making hurdles on the behest of others; against own country needs a fair review by the so called well wishers of Afghanistan. They must look beyond their self interests and must do something quotable for the prosperity of the country and their future generations. Afghan people are desperate to witness the success of peace and stability in their country .
The Unity government in Afghanistan initially earned the regional and international appreciation for their visionary approach towards addressing the Afghan problems and logically sifting of the priorities, but somehow the expected momentum could never be maintained. Mr Ghani’s overtures to Islamabad had received internal criticism within Afghanistan government , particularly among what many Afghans see as an emerging ‘opposition’ to the National Unity Government in the shape of a group consisting of former President Karzai and some of his closest allies. However, Pakistan government remained careful against all the odd efforts being made by the anti-Pakistan elements and her adversaries to disrupt the ongoing good relations and cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The anti- Pakistan groups in Afghanistan are broadly the remnants of Karzai’s inefficient circle which led the destruction of main functions of the Afghan government. There are lot of expectations by the regional and international countries from President Ashraf Ghani that he would not succumb to centrifugal forces and keep the positive pace towards achieving the long lasting peace and prosperity.

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