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Dubai and London—favourite destinations of the corrupt

The Army chief has rightly said that the most important phase of the military operation in Waziristan has now started and that is the rehabilitation of those tribesmen who were displaced from their houses on account of the crackdown on the terrorists living in their midst. Reports indicate that the pace of the construction of their damaged houses is quite slow and it has to be further speeded up, otherwise, all the good work done by the army might go down the drain as delay in the IDPs’return to their home and hearth is likely to spread further frustration and despondency among them which would definitely be exploited by the enemies of this country.
The prime minister must have heaved a sigh of relief over the signs of return of normalcy in the PIA. If on the one hand he should never cow down to the pressure tactics of those element who want to further destroy the already financially crippled national carrier due to over staffing and rampant mismanagement, on the other, he should doubly ensure that its privatisation is done in a transparent manner without favouring any blue-eyed capitalist as is being rumoured and alleged in some political quarters. By this time he should have learned that gone are the days when it was easy on the part of rulers to indulge in financial shenanigans on the sly. Today nothing can remain hidden from the camera’s eye and vibrant media. He should not forget the causes of the decline and fall of Zardari and company. The fate of his political party too is not going to be much different in 2018 general elections from that of the PPP’s in 2013 election, if any under the table deed was done in the privatisation of the PIA.
Time was when Rome used to be favourite destination of those rulers and kings who had to flee their country in order to escape punishment for their misdeeds or the wrath of the people. These days Dubai and London have occupied its place. The latest guest of London on this score is Sharjeel Memon of the PPP who first fled to Dubai and was shown the other day by a TV channel roaming in the streets of Britain’s capital.

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