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O The Real Prime Minister Of Pakistan – Please Speak Up!

Isma Ahmad Tarar

reflectionsISMAAHMADTARARWill the real Prime Minister of Pakistan please speak up? And by real I mean “THE REAL” Prime Minister and not some ‘Modikayaar’, whose sole interests lie not in this country but in some foreign lands far and beyond than this Land of pure. It is high time that he should come forward and speak up and say that India and Afghanistan are involved in the recent wave of terrorism in country. The Armed forces of Pakistan are doing their best to eliminate the evil of terrorism from Pakistan, but it’s not only their job to do it. It’s the job of the Government to secure the lives of its citizens. It is their moral and constitutional duty.
Pakistan Army has launched “Operation Rad-ul-Fasad” across the country which is a welcoming gesture and a sigh of relief, but it should have been started long before. The main hurdle in this operation was the Federal and Punjab government, who did not want it to happen in Punjab because they are aware of the fact that they are the facilitators of these terrorists. They likes of RanaSanaullah. And also they wanted to hide their incompetence and lack of will and sincerity. But today’s blasts in Lahore are the indicators, why this operation was so important and necessary. Everybody knows that RAW/NDS nexus is involved in these terror attacks, but our dear Prime Minister refused to say this. Instead he is busy vacationing and signing business deals in Turkey. The question here arises is, why is it that whenever Nawaz Government is in danger, some kind of terrorist activity happens in Pakistan? The recent example is of the Panama Case. Ever since it has come to the knowledge that the case is coming to its conclusion there have been around 9 to 10 blasts in Pakistan, (not to forget the PSL final that is going to take place in Lahore).
It is the need of the hour that we should analyze why RAW/NDS nexus is influencing Pakistan politics. These suicide bombers are mere tools, the real masters are somewhere else. And we need to curb them, only then we will be able to eliminate this evil of terrorism from our country. We need to tell the international community what a dangerous game India and Afghanistan are playing against Pakistan. And for this we need a leader who has guts to see the enemy in the eye,and not some spineless businessman whose interests are not in Pakistan. Had men like Kulbhushan been arrested in India, they wouldhave encashedthem well, and used them against us,but our dear prime minister refused even to mention KulbhushanYadev’s name in the United Nations General Assembly. Which is a proof, he has simply nothing to do with the people of Pakistan and all he is concerned with, is his business and obscene wealth. It is high time that the REAL Prime minister of Pakistan stands up for his country.

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