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The Case Of An Ugly Face

There is a news item regarding the NAB having ‘nabbed’ an ex-police constable and son, for stealing billions in Hyderabad. Tons of cash and jewelry alongwith a fleet of cars have been recovered from them. In addition about twenty bank accounts operated by them have come to limelight.
Does this ‘father and son’ duo own Aladin’s lamp?
Or it is yet another case of non-entities acting as ‘front men’ of the ‘noble’ and the ‘mighty’?
It seems the NAB Chairman is keen to do some damage-control regarding his own as well as his organisation’s image. The people are still in a state of bewildered shock at the Supreme Court judgment that the NAB stood ‘buried’ under tons of mud dirt and filth.
This judgment had come in the form of bitter remarks of the honourable judges conducting the notorious Panama Case.
It was a savage and well-deserved condemnation of the NAB which should be regarded as a key arm of the Government. Most people did not realize when they listened to or read about the remarks of the Honourable judges that declaring the NAB ugly meant that the Government had an ugly face (in the eyes of the Judiciary).
This damage-control effort on the part of the NAB may succeed only in having quite the opposite (and undesired) effect on the public opinion.

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