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Was this colossal risk necessary?


Yesterday the Federal Government finally gave a green signal/go ahead for conducting the PSL final in Lahore that too under tight security. In any normal circumstances it would have been a matter of great pride and joy for Lahoritesin particular, and Pakistanis in general, as it would open doors for international cricket or for that matterany international event in Pakistan. But, in present circumstances, when the country is at war, such kind of adventure is not justplain stupid, but suicidal also.
The government will not only be putting the lives of its citizens in danger, but will also be putting them out of business, as the shops and restaurants adjacent to the stadium will remain closed for a week prior to the match. Here the thing is,who will be responsible if (God for bid) any incident/mishap occurs? Who will compensate the poor shop-owners for their huge business/financial losses? By closing down shops and barricading roads what message will we convey to the international community?
Some handful of bigwigs, just to satisfy their ego and for the sake of huge amount of money(which will go in their pockets only) are putting so much at stake.

Unless and until the government provides full security to each and every individual, the kind it will provide to the players and the high officials, there is no need/purpose of any such activity/adventure, as each life matters-whether it be of an ordinary citizen, or of a security officer or of a Prime Minister.

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