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Change the system and mindset first, then the Uniform

reflectionsISMAAHMADTARARA few days ago it was rumoured that the Punjab Police will be getting its new uniform from April. The traditional black and khaki colour will be replaced with an olive green uniform. Yesterday I got the chance of watching an interview of a senior police officer in this context. When he was asked about this new change, he proudly replied that it’s a wonderful feeling and a great change. This change not only will boost the morale of the jawans but will also help them in performing their duty diligently and efficiently.
His answer not only shocked me but also raised a few queries in mind. For example, by wearing this new uniform how will they perform their duties efficiently and diligently? Will this new uniform suddenly induct some unseen magical powers in them that they will start treating people like humans and not animals? Will their consciences will suddenly wake up and they will abandon their bad habits like bribery and dislike for work.
We are a poor country and we cannot afford to indulge ourselves in such luxuries. Though the higher officials have stated that no extra expenses have been incurred on this new uniform, but still it’s not such a great idea. In short, just like wrapping an old, worn out item in new packing will never make the quality better; similarly by putting up a new uniform, the mindset will never change. So, change the system and mindset first, and then change the uniform.
Ps: Had the uniform been pleasing to the eyes then it might have made any difference, but here the uniform is quite weird, the colour though is okay but the making and the design…???

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