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Patriotism Can Wait – Our “Dear” PM Is Busy With Business!

Our ” Dear/Darling” Prime Minister’s ” Dear” friend Sajjan Jindal’s sudden ”secret” visit has raised many eyebrows in the country and has given place to many speculations.
People have started asking about the sudden urgency and the secrecy of the visit. In this context people are questioning our Prime Minister’s integrity and patriotism, and rightly so.
They are of the opinion that after the confessional statements of Kulbhusan and IhsanUllahIhsan, when it has been proved beyond doubt that India and Afghanistan are involved in destabilising Pakistan, then our Prime Minister should have warned India of dire consequences if ever again it tried to meddle in our affairs. Apart from questioning and doubting the Prime Minister, people are criticising DG ISI’s role too, that since he is a distant relative of the Prime Minister, hence he knowingly didn’t stop this meeting/visit.
But in my opinion, we are being a little unfair to our “Dear” Mian Saab here. As everyone knows that after the Panama Judgment, Mian Saab is going through a tough phase in life. And whenever somebody is in such a phase in life, one needs ones true friends and well wishers more than one needs in any other time. After all Mian Saab besides being a Prime Minister, is a human too, so he too would be needing a true friend. And who else will be his “true friend ” besides Mood and Jindal? So,if he had invite his friend, that too using full state machinery/protocol, then what’s wrong in that ? And that’s what friends are for! To bail one out in difficult situations.
And, is it necessary that Mian Saab had only discussed personal and business issues? Isn’ it possible that after the judgment Mian Saab might have been a changed man.Had suddenly become more patriotic, more honest. He might have warned his friend Moodi to mend his ways regarding Pakistan, otherwise he would deal with him firmly. Or maybe he had thought of finally doing a something good for this country during his last tenure. Sometimes it’s good to see a positive aspect of a situation. One shouldn’t always look at the negatives.
There is another possibility too- and that is; the Chief might have given a go ahead for the visit consciously and willingly? Because he might’ve wanted to see the outcome of the meeting. Or maybe he himself had conveyed the message to Moodi through our ” Dear” Prime Minister!
After anything is possible in this land of the pure—

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