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SORRY—– No Martyrdom The Third Time!



Politics is a dirty game, and we are all aware how fond our Prime Minister is,of playing such games. In fact he has mastered the art- that too with distinction.
It is generally believed that one learns from one’s mistakes and past bad experiences, and tries not to repeat them. But, Mr. Nawaz Sharif I believe is an exception, because he not only repeats them but also enjoys repeating them.He gets away with them easily too as he is extremely lucky.
Throughout his political career he has been in conflict with every single person who has ever come in hisway, and especially with the two major institutions of the country, The Judiciary and The Army, be it the famous attack on the Supreme Court, or the conflicts with almost all his Army Chiefs, from General MirzaAslam Beg to General Bajwa. For the past fouryears he has been constantly in conflict with the army, the latest being Dawn Leaks. And now he is up at arms with the judiciary, ever since this PANAMA thing has started – the recent example being Nehal Hashmi’s fiery speech at the party’s meeting.
Though the means and ways have been slightly different, but the purpose and intent have always been the same. That is, the quest for ABSOLUTE and ULTIMATE POWER. In this quest of power, he forgets anything and everything that comes his way. He wants nobody to question him or his decisions, and wants everything to happen at his whims and desires. He has for this reason, become a “Political Martyr” twice in his career and desperately wishes to be so the third time also, through his out dated acts.First through Army and now through Judiciary.But to no avail.Mian Saab’s wish to become a “Political Martyr” will not be fulfilled this time, because the times have changed and so have the people. And also, he will not be third time lucky either.

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