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Symbol of Stability or A Threat to National Security?

Yesterday the Punjab Law Minister RanaSanaullah in his press talk not only indirectly threatened the Supreme Court but also said that if Nawaz Sharif wasremoved (disqualified) the country would evaporate in the air. In his opinion removal of NS is synonymous with instability in the country. He was equating stability with NS.And this is not Rana’s view only, the whole PML (N) has the same narrative. In their opinion NS and Co are the symbols of peace, prosperity, security and stability. As if only NS and Co can run the affairs of the country and no one else is more capable than them to do the needful.
What is alarmimg is that Rana uttered those golden words (threats) in the morning, AND, there was a blast in Lahore the same evening claiming innocent lives; that too near Sharifs Model Town residence. Anyone having an iota of common sense can see the connect between the two incidents. Meaning therebyhow a suicide bomber could even get close to an area where the security is so tight that not even a mosquito can trespass. The answer is simple. Whenever NS and Co are in trouble something like this happens. Since the PANAMA judgment is expected to be announced this week: hence the blast. But rest assured, no blasts or any cowardly tactics will save or even prove NS and Co innocent.

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