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What Do You Think of Persons Who Resort to Abusing in Defence of Their Fallen HERO?

Ever since the Panama judgment has been announced, the PMLN supporters are shocked and stunned. They have lost all sense of morality, ethics and values and everything that is decent. Though a few have remained decent, but many of them have completely gone bonkers and out of their minds and this includes the so called educated lot as well. So much so that some have even crossed all limits like from abuse, to harassment, to the extent of even disrespecting one’s deceased parents. A similar incident and a very disturbing one happened with me two days back.
There is this female lawyer, who unfortunately happens to be my ex-class fellow in school(though she blatantly lied that she wasn’t and that she passed two years after I did),and an ex-colleague too. She is a diehard PMLN supporter,(though she claims to be supporting no party but wastes all her energies against IK), so much so that though she lost her job because of these Sharifs, still she supports them and God knows why. It all started from one of our school teacher’s post. She had posted something “The Great” Asma Jahangir’s anti Panama Judgment statement, and I commented over that post. After my comment, this teacher’s sister replied and said all kinds of stupid, meaningless anti-judiciary, anti-army, and anti-Imran Khan things. I replied as courteously as I could, but the lady started fighting, abusing, bullying and harassing me. And after sending me to a psych, questioning my upbringing, calling me a dangerous agitated woman, asking me to be in my ‘bloody limits’, advising me to get some higher education, and what not, said that she pray that one day I would see IK’s ugly face soon.
And the funny part is that she doesn’t even live in Pakistan and whatever she was accusing me of, it all was applying on her. And this lady lawyer not only endorsed everything this woman said, but she herself ridiculed and abused me and asked me to grow up and not to be so immature and impatient. And next day, this lawyer, suddenly out of the blue, started commenting on one of my posts on my wall, and started sending me stupid photos, and kept on dragging the conversation, despite my asking her not to. I repeatedly asked her to leave my wall and she should go discuss all this with her like-minded people and should keep me out of theses nonsensical photos, but she wasn’t just listening. I replied to a few of her remarks but then she started abusing me and suddenly she made a horrible comment about my family and disrespected my deceased father. She immediately deleted the comment before I could take a screenshot of it. After that I lost my cool as any sane person could, and sent her a nasty message and blocked her, and that other woman and the teacher because she lost respect I had for her by siding with these two women and not believing me. This lady lawyer had in the past many a time copy-pasted my posts without having even the moral courage to acknowledge that those were my posts and I had always ignored. I had unfollowed and unfriend her many times in the past because of her behaviour but then accepted her requests as thought it would be rude not to.The reason why I’m telling this is, that I want to tell how low can she fall. After that she denied everything (and that foreign lady too again spit venom against me), and to my horror many stupid lawyers believed her, took her side and praised her because of her spiritual look and also because she declares everyone as her brother or father etc.People hide their sins and guilts under the garb of relations like brother sister, father daughter etc., and these people are no different. Only your blood relations are your own no one else is.And portraying oneself here as pious, religious doesn’t make you one. The more pure you show yourself the more impure you are from inside. Religion and ALLAH wali look is a cover of your guilt, compensation for what you want to show. A real person doesn’t need to show off their religious behavior. It’s between you and ALLAH. Religion teaches you humbleness not vanity.
To support a certain political party, and having an opinion about is everyone’s right, but to get personal over it and abusing others is so NOT their right. One should not support a certain ideologue to the extent that one forgets his/her basic ethics, morals and values. Supporting to such an extent is not only infuriating but plain stupid as well. Is this the kind of training PMLN is giving to their supporters? Is this the kind of culture they are promoting? . Ever since the verdict has been announced, PMLN and its propaganda team (lawyers, social media activists, electronic media) are trying to make it controversial with the help of the educated elite. The likes of Asma Jahangir and Raza Rumi. The so called intellectuals, and champions of democracy. They are doing a disservice to this country and people by taking sides of a pathological liar, corrupt to the core person and painting him as innocent victim of courts and army (to educated audience) and victim of international conspiracy to the uneducated voters. They are promoting hate and spreading misinformation which might have dire consequences in future.

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