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Godfather outmanoeuvred

The debate on the Senate Chairman’s election is raging on. But ironically and amusingly it is a one sided debate. It is only Mian Nawaz Sharif who is speaking . His question before the elections of Senate Chairman , used to be, why was I removed? Disqualified? Or Why was I thrown out of power? And, the question now is , who is this Senate Chairman? And who has elected him?
To answer this ridiculous question a few facts need clarification. Firstly Mian Nawaz Sharif and his smart daughter are crying wolf that there is a conspiracy against them and that Asif Zardari and Imran Khan have joined hands against them. Because in 2013 they themselves elected the Present CM Balochistan as their deputy Speaker and if now he has gone against them then it’s nobody’s fault but of Mian Saab. And secondly Mian Saab has been baffled and outmanoeuvred by Imran Khan because of later’s good and smart political strategy. He was the first politician who said that people of Balochistan should get their due rights.
In order to understand the election scenario of the Senate Chairman it is very important that one is accustomed with the political history of Balochistan. The province remains the most neglected region of our country. Bad governance and a deep sense of deprivation has left it in a state of turmoil. The biggest problems have been terrorism , militancy and sub-nationalism, refusal to give decision making powers to the provincial governments, accumulation of wealth by the corrupt and powerful Sardars of the Balochistan. The refusal of the Powerful to give the poor people their due rights like right to education, health and basic amenities of life, because of their own self interests, and also if the people are empowered then who will buy this anti state rhetoric of the Corrupt elite of the Province.
Therefore, the election of Chairman Senate has given a new dimension to the efforts of removing the alienation of the people of Balochistan, and this will help people to deal with their grievances in a better and constructive manner and will give them a sense of belonging and ownership. Since it’s a small province population wise, so, it will also help solving the problems like health, education, better infrastructure.It is a huge step forward in strengthening the federation. People in general will now have a bigger platform and a better chance to highlight their problems, miseries at a higher forum and if they will consider themselves in the lead role then they will feel privileged and be a part of the federation more than they ever had been in the past.
Wide spread celebrations are planned to celebrate this historic moment of electing the Chairman of the most prestigious institution of the country that is Senate , from the most underprivileged and neglected province.

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