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Battles are won on the ground, not in the mind.You have to have right troops at the right places at the right time. To defeat Hitler’s Germany, the Democratic West had to join hands with its archenemy, the totalitarian Soviet Union. IK is on the right track.

There is no stopping Imran without rigging at monumental & unprecedented scale. In whose favour Establishment will rig? Zardari? Sharif Family? Let it be remembered here these elections are about upholding honour of the heroes who have defended this country with blood.

My dear Arshad Sharif, return to your original narrative. When and if the PTI will be in power, you will have good reasons to fire your shots at the culprits. Right now you are helping the Sicilian Mafia. Don’t let your hard work go waste.

My dear Army Chief and Chief Justice, the Nation has been looking up to you for liberating this country from the clutches of this Mafia; but the sinister delay in the deliverance of justice is creating horrible doubts in our minds. Save this Nation, not bury It.

Arif H Bhatti is indirectly accusing Army Judiciary & NAB of hatching a conspiracy to engineer bailout for the country’s greatest criminal and to pave the way for his younger brother to continue his plunder of Pakistan. The only acceptable denial of this charge will be SWIFT JUSTICE.

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