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Can Pakistan afford to have two parallel governments for long?

Some paradoxes, ironies and idiosyncrasies are so shriekingly obvious in our political scenario that even if you try to keep your eyes closed to them, they seldom fail to ring bells in your mind.
For example Mr Mushahidullah caused sensation in the country by going on record in an interview with a foreign channel that an attempt had been made to topple the government of Mian Nawaz Sharif through the DHARNA PROJECT by the ISI. The uproar forced the Federal Government to secure Mushahidullah’s resignation from the cabinet to appease the Army, but the man continues to be the PML (N)’s mouthpiece. What message does this duplicity of MNS carry?
For example Khwaja Asif has been fond of leveling explosive charges against the Army, yet Mian Nawaz Sharif has made sure that he stays firmly planted as Defence Minister in the cabinet.
For example Federal Minister for Interior has been going overboard championing the popular cause of the Rangers getting freer hand in the Karachi operation, while the Prime Minister continues to play the brinkmanship game in the deadlock that Sindh Government, under orders from Dubai-based Zardari, has created by holding back extension of the Rangers’ authority (unless they agree to stay clear of the roads leading to the involvement of the politicians in the fiscal crimes).
Example can also be cited in this context, of the Federal Government ‘s shrewdly drawn strategy to embarrass the Rangers and the Army regarding the MQM, which despite all the charges that had come up against its top leadership was allowed an opportunity to secure a heavy mandate against the Establishment and thus field the same Wasim Akhtar as the Mayor-designate of Karachi who had been sued for damages on account of his ferocious attacks on the Rangers.
Although a great deal of effort has gone into the exercise of creating an impression that the Army and the Civil authority are on the same page, even a blind man can see the huge wedge.
Can this country afford to have two parallel governments for long — one committed to the cause of eliminating terrorism and crime from the country— and the other firm in its resolve to keep the towers of corruption from falling?

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