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A Pseudo Journalist Who Lives on Intellectual Fat

Syed Naib Shah

Journalism is a sacred profession which grows on the soil of sincerity, truthfulness and honesty. Unfortunately, some people are ignorant about this fact. Spencer Johnson rightly said, “Integrity is telling myself the truth and honesty is telling the truth to other people”. A journalist who harbors on shallow waters can contribute neither to humanity nor journalism. Every profession has some norms and ethics and so is the case with Journalism. Unfortunately, journalism for some pseudo intellectuals is merely a tool for waging others’ propaganda to accrue myopic benefits.
In today’s World ‘Media’ is the message. This new media order has paved way for pseudo journalism. States through their academic institutions and powerful media, harvest pseudo intellectuals who while capitalizing on their previously held political or diplomatic positions are fed themes and ideas to defame their own countries. History is replete with examples of such people who sold themselves merely for meager gains while putting their nations at stake. These turncoats, while accruing trivial worldly benefits can forego all ethics and accepted norms to appease their masters. In the bargain, their masters exploit their vulnerabilities to serve their own vested interests. Unfortunately, Pakistan is also a permanent target of few such individuals who have decided to join foes of Pakistan in their campaign to harm and malign Pakistan. One such individual is an Ex Ambassador of Pakistan to US.
The gentleman has once again endeavoured to prove his loyalties with anti- Pakistani elements through his concave intellectualism. His article titled, ‘The Role Pakistan Plays’ is a show of his venomous spate against his own country. He offered his masters a story casting Pakistan and its prestigious State institutions in bad light. He has tried to stir doubts about role of Pakistan in Afghgan peace process at a stage when US and other stake holders including Afghanistan are showing full confidence and trust on Pakistan due to her resolve shown in Operation Zarb-e-Azb. His latest article at this crucial stage is nothing but spoiling the game.
This historically left leaning and highly controversial figure hardly earns any respect in his country or among the international community. No one in Pakistan is surprised by what Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the US says because everyone understands that he has to please his masters to get rewards so that he can stay on there and mouth the words that sound melodious to the enemies of Pakistan. This self claimed journalist considers himself to be an expert on Pakistani affairs and remains in a perpetual illusion that his views carry weight among international opinion makers or intelligentsia. He is no doubt very famous internationally. Google his name, open any Pakistani blog and you will find it littered with words like – scumbag, traitor, turncoat, tail-wager, bootlicker etc. One will hardly find any words of praise or appreciation from the so called intelligentsia he claims to represent. Richard Leiby, a Washington Post Staff writer, Bureau Chief, Pakistan from 2012 to 2013 wrote, “Read his book and you might think he, the Pakistan’s Ambassador to Washington from 2008 to 2011, is no friend of his homeland”.
His fair interest in Pakistan is intertwined with his passion for India. These are not buzz words. Browsing through his articles over the past few years, especially, after his escape to US, it becomes clear that he often speaks language of India while criticizing his mother land. He has problems with Pakistani perspective on Kashmir issue. He is agonized if Pakistan is granted sale of F-16 to fight terrorism. He thinks that sale of few aircraft or helicopters to Pakistan will result in steep tilt of arms balance in favour of Pakistan. He implicates Pakistan and its Armed Forces with Taliban but totally overlooks the sacrifices which our valiant forces have given in fighting the menace of Taliban. He seldom expresses any sympathies for the innocent victims of terrorism, may it be the havoc of Army Public School, Safoora Goth or Charsada University. He stirs suspicions about safety of our nuclear assets while giving a clean chit to India. Despite clear proofs of Indian involvement in spoiling law and order situation of Pakistan and abetting Baluch sub nationals, the esteemed writer becomes word starved on expressing his views and naming India. He unnecessarily defends India viz-a-viz Pakistan. He writes that Indian presence in Afghanistan is based on trade, aid and education ties and does not necessarily pose an inimical threat to Pakistan’s interests. Famous writer, Irish Blessing rightly said, “At certain age some people’s minds close up; they live on their intellectual fat”. The self claimed think tank blames that Pakistan has been given substantial financial and military support to fight terrorism but Pakistan’s focus has been India. While saying so, he forgets Pakistan’s sacrifices in GWOT and her resolve to eradicate menace of terrorism. He tries to be ‘More loyal than the king’, where as US Government has ever alleged Pakistan in this context.
His anti Pakistani narratives, mostly based on twisted facts and shallow journalism facilitate anti Pakistani conspirators including India to advance their ‘Harm Pakistan’ campaigns. In this regard, he remains closely associated with foreign writers who leave no stone unturned in maligning Pakistan and portraying her security/intelligence institutions in bad light. His collaboration with such writers assists them in spiting venom against Pakistan. Carlotta Gall, a well known anti Pakistani writer has frequently quoted him in her repugnant narratives. Similarly, his close association with Christina Fair is also well known.
One can easily gauge his loyalty towards Pakistan which he frequently claims. He wrote in his book, “My detractors in Pakistan’s security services and among pro-Jihadi groups have long accused me of being pro-American; they failed to see that advocating a different vision for my troubled nation was actually pro-Pakistan”.
My request to such individuals, please do not stoop so low to promote your personal interests at the cost of tarnishing the image of your own country. You are neither a journalist nor a think tank. Your real masters whom you are trying to please will some day abandon you like a tissue paper. Lord Byron rightly said, “He who loves not his country, can love nothing”. Pakistan is a responsible democratic State which enjoys a prestigious position among comity of nations. A shallow journalist that too sold to the enemies of his mother land can not harm Pakistan.

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