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General Raheel Can Do It

After the invasion of Afghanistan by the U.S -led coalition of the western powers, two breeds of the Taliban made the world headlines. One were known as Afghan Taliban who got engaged in the war of liberation of Afghanistan, and it is no ordinary feat of grit, resilience, will and commitment that the combined might of the occupying forces have failed to crush the Afghan Taliban till fifteen years after the day the World’s mightiest ever Air power rained death and destruction on Afghanistan.
The others were to name themselves as Pakistani Taliban. To be more specific the Taliban of the T.T.P (Tehrik Taliban Pakistan). They got assigned the task of blowing up the peace of Pakistan and of wreaking death and destruction in our society through suicide bombings and blasts etc. Some of them might have been their own employers. And the others quite logically got paid from abroad. They were armed and trained in the bases along the borders that divided the common mountains of the two countries.
The ongoing Zarb-i-Azb. led by General Raheel Sharif has virtually wiped out these Taliban created behind the facade of ‘extremist Islam’ for quite ulterior motives.
But the war on terrorism and on the terrorists sent to this land by our enemies (also recruited indigenously) is not over yet.
The most attention-catching news today is the impassioned appeal of the deputy governor of Helmand province of Afghanistan to President Ashraf Ghani to make an all-out effort to try to stop the impending fall of Helmand to the Afghan Taliban. Meaning thereby that the Story of Kunduz is about to be repeated.
It is in this backdrop that General Raheel Sharif is going to Afghanistan to try to bring to the table, the Kabul government and the seemingly unstoppable Afghan Taliban.
Sooner or later the realists of the world (Afghan government’s saner elements included) will have to realize that there is no avoidance Afghan Taliban.

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