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Nimmi is no more

Nimmi was a top ranking film heroine of Bollywood who had millions of fans among the cinegoers in Pakistan too. She breathed her last in Mumbai at the ripe age of 87 the other day.
Once she was introduced by Rajkapoor in his film Barsaat about 70 years back, she never looked back. She had worked with almost all leading heroes of her time like Dilip Kumar, Rajkapoor and Ashok Kumar etc etc. Most of her films did exceptionally well at the box office. With her passing away, the generation of old Bolly wood heroines which included Nargis, Madhubala, Nalni jawant, Meena Kumari, Asha Parekh, Nutan, Nanda, Naseem Begum and Veena , has come to an end. She will always be remembered for her excellent performance in films like Amar, Deedar, Daagh, Urun Khatola and Barsaat, to mention a few.
She had not been keeping a good health , lately.
POSTSCRIPT: It is a pity that Coronavirus has hit the country at a time when due to hardwork of Imran Khan and his economic team, the country was on the road where its economy was about to find find its feet. This deadly virus has set the country back and is likely to put a further burden on its already dwindling financial resources. As ill luck would have it the economic situation of the country is back to square one and after it gets rid of this dangerous virus the government would have to gird up its loins once again to make up for the losses incurred by it due to this pandemic.

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