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Reward and punishment

Ahsan Iqbal, General Secretary of Nawaz League has had a point there when he said that the fund of Rs 30 billion earmarked for MNAs by the government for spending in their political constituencies be given to those victims of coronavirus who don’t know where their next meal will come from. He says this fund is utilised by the government for buying political loyality of the MNAs.
The question is:why didn’t it cross the mind of Nawaz League leaders to get rid of this corrupt system when it was in power ?
There is no let up in corruption in this country because of absence of will on the part of its rulers to get the concept of reward and punishment implemented in letter and spirit . Because of legal nitpickings, those involved in various heinous crimes, if they happen to be well connected politically or economically well off, get away with lightly or get off thus sending wrong signals to would _be criminals.
POSTSCRIPT: Every second minister of the government says they won’t allow hoarding of essential commodities and those involved in it would be given examplary punishment. What good are these words if they are not matched by words. The hoarders continue to create artificial scarcity of essential consumer goods by hoarding them right under the nose of SHOs who cannot dare to raid their godowns for sealing them and then putting the hoarded goods stored there to open auction . It is unbelievable that SHO of a police station should not be knowing godowns in his bailiwick in which the greedy traders hoard the essential goods.

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