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Coronavirus shouldn’t be politicised

The man in the street hasn’t liked the statements of Chaudhry brothers of Gujerat in which they had criticised the arrest of some members of Tableeghi jamaat for violating the instructions of government on coronavirus. No body should take a political mileage out of these crisis which the country is suffering from and which hitherto is showing no sign of any let up Assemblage of more than three persons at any place whether for any religious, social or political purpose is suicidal and therefore has been rightly banned by the government and those persons who violate the ban deserve no leniency at all. It, is a pity that such seasoned politicians like Chaudri brothers of Gujerat should have issued statements which are aimed at endearing themselves to the voters of Tableeghi jamaat.
It goes without saying that it is just possible that the government might have erred on the side of caution by moving slowly in the matter after weighing pros and cons of its every step aimed at fighting off this pandemic but there should be no doubt on the sincerity of its purpose. Such a natural calamity has never befallen this country on such a scale before which even the super powers are feeling helpless and handicapped to face on many scores.
POSTSCRIPT: It is pity that the news of the death of legendary Squash player of Pakistan Azam Khan who joined the great majority towards the fag end of last month didn’t get media publicity which it deserved. Why a footage of a couple of minutes on his life and performance in squash squash court was not run by any TV channel of the country is not understandable. Azam was the younger brother of Squash supremo Hssham Khan. He won the British Open Squash Tournament from 1959 to 1964. After his retirement from international circuit he had settled in London where he was running a squash academy.

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