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Loss of confidence

Imran Khan says people in this country don’t pay government taxes though they are not so much parsimonious when it comes to giving charities privately.
During the course of recent coronavirus pandemic , however, it has been noticed that they have been rather frugal in donating money as a charity also for the assistance of those affected by coronavirus. In the neighbouring India sportsmen, showbiz persons, business tycoons and politicians who have minted money in billions in their respective fields have contributed quite handsomely to the fund raised by their government for providing relief to the affectees of the pandemic . On this score our elite class pale in comparison to them. Whatever money has come to the government coffers by way of charity has come from the hardworking poor working class .
As far as the question of evasion of government taxes is concernced , one of the reason why people avoid paying taxes is because they aren’t sure the money paid by them would be spent by the rulers on their welfare and would not be squandered on their own aggrandizement. The moment they realised that the rulers are spending their tax money on their welfare only they would start paying it to the government. It is, therefore, for the rulers to restore the confidence of the people in them.

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