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Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire

The coronavirus pandemic is getting most of the attention of American rulers and it has pushed the US-Taliban talks to the back burner.
Wasn’t it Kabul which, in cahoots, with New Delhi has been trying since long to foment trouble in Pakistan aimed at dismembering it?Isn’t it natural justice that today it is itself on the verge of dismemberment ?Hasn’t it been hoisted with its own petard?
World has seen many instances where two persons claimed ownership of a country by claiming themselves as king but it was unheard of that two persons heading different political parties after having won elections claim to be its president !By claiming to be the president of Afghanistan, both Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah have made themselves as a laughing stock of the world.
India doesn’t want the success of Taliban_US parleys as it knows that in case the Taliban came to power in Kabul it won’t be possible for it to play off Afghanistan against Pakistan.
With the passing of every day the coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. It is showing no let up in its ferocity and indications are that if the people at large didn’t restrict themselves inside their houses about 50 thousand people are going to be affected in the country by the end of the year. The holy month of Ramadan is round the corner. How and in which manner are the Taraweeh prayers going to be offered ?The government must take all the religious bigwigs on board and evolve a system in a manner in which all the necessary preventive measures are adequately met while offering Taraweeh prayers.

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