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The dark side of capitalism

Capitalism is beneficial to the common man only if the element of competition is fostered and promoted in the economic system. The biggest danger in that system is that if there is no proper check and balance on the various trades, there is always a danger that monopolies and cartel would raise their ugly head thus to the detriment of the common man There is, no doubt, we have a Competition Commission in this country whose duty it is to keep a strict vigil on various trades and businesses so that they do not indulge in malpractices but its performance, hitherto, leaves much to be desired. Had it been effective, only a handful of persons would not have monopolised 51 percent of the country’s sugar industry!
Time was when farsighted and politically astute persons like Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt used to be the presidents of US. What a pity that a politically naive person like Trump should have become its president. It seems that the soul of Hitler has entered his body The German dictator considered the Germans to be superior than all other races of the world .Trump also holds more or less the same views about the white -skinned Americans. The WHO authorities have very correctly lambasted him over his statement that his country would stop financing it, as it was bankrolling China more than other countries to fight off coronavirus.
The callousness of Trump can also be gleaned from the fact that he is not relaxing economic sanctions on Iran even in today’s turbulent times when Tehran is strapped for cash.

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