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Never let down sincere party workers

Over 6 crore people of this country belong to the working class, most of whom work on daily wages in factories. This category also includes persons who sell articles of daily use on push carts. One can very well imagine the state of affairs of these people if they are asked not to come to factories for work or sell edibles on roadsides.
There are many people who believe that it would have been better had the task for which Tiger force has been raised given to the personnel of the Local Bodies who know every person inside out in their respective constituencies as far as their financial position is concernced. There are many people who don’t approve of showing photos or faces of the economically downtrodden recipients of the financial aid on the electronic and in the print media as according to them this destroys their self respect and esteem.
POSTSCRIPT: The common man had pinned great hopes in ZA Bhutto when he had founded the PPP. The working class of the country ,the mill worker and the peasant expected that he will translate into reality the promises made in the party’s manifesto which persons like JA Rahim and Dr Mubashar Hasan had taken pains to draft. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and to their utter disappointment the party ‘s hiearchy was taken over by the landlords once it came to power pushing those PPP workers who had had spilled their blood and sweat for it to the back burner. What happened to the PPP later on is now history. A lesson should have been taken by the PTI leadership from it. The same tragedy it seems is taking place in the PTI. If this party is to survive in the politics of this country and not go the way of the PPP, its leadership will have to bring its core workers to the fore. They should not be sacrificed at the altar of political expediency and the so-called electables.

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