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Never ever lower your guard

Media reports indicate that commercial activity has started in Gwadar seaport and some merchandise meant for Afghanistan has reached there. Media reports also point out the arrest of four terrorists in Karachi allegedly trained in Afghanistan for carrying out subversive activities in Pakistan.
There will be a need for keeping an eagle eye on the movement of merchandise from Afghanistan towards Gwadar and vice versa so that under its garb subversive material is not transported to Pakistan for carrying out subversive activities by Afghan agents in Pakistan.
In a striking distance from Gwadar lies the Iranian seaport of Chahbahar which has been updated and developed by India specifically for bolstering trade of both India and Afghanistan
It needs clarification that when Chahbahar is also operative, why doesn’t Afghanistan use it instead of using Gwadar?
Needless to say that in their heart of hearts neither India nor Afghanistan want development of Gwadar which is a sore in their eyes. The arrest of Afghan Saboteurs from Karachi is a proof, if any proof is needed that India, in cahoots with Afghanistan, continues with its policies to foment trouble in Pakistan. Granted that trade and commerce is vital for promoting country’s economy but we should never lower our guard, particularly in places like Balochistan which is of strategic importance for us.

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