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India’s new low of stooping to denigrate Pakistan

Indian leadership has stooped so low as to get published fake stories or grossly exaggerate trivial matters of treatment to minorities to denigrate Pakistan. The twin objective is to malign Pak army and to deter Pakistan from projecting Muslims’ plight in India internationally, especially in the Arab World. India is trying to provoke Christians against Pakistan interests using its Twitter handler newscommuniquecom, to launched propaganda blitz against Pakistan and its institutions. In one extremely lengthy tweet communiqué, it stated that on one hand Pakistan is always begging money and Foreign Aid from the West, and on the other, Christians in Pakistan have been subjected to all kinds of brutalities; falsely charged for blasphemy, and subjected to murders, arson, convictions and exiles. It stated: “Should Christian countries give Foreign Aid to Pakistan where Islamist Radicals hate all non-Muslims equally as they hate other ethnic minorities of Baloch, Pashtun, Sindhi, Muhajir and Hazaras?” He raised the question “did the Politicians in US and Europe look at the conditions of Christians in Pakistan before funding FATF Grey Listed Pakistan? It is too well known that extremism engendered after the US and the West supported Afghan jihad, and had facilitated jihadis to come to the region from all over the world; Osama bin Laden was also their find . Since then there have been incidents of violence on religious and sectarian basis. Anyhow, the unusually lengthy communiqué carried stories since 1998. It wrote: “Ayub Masih, a Christian, was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death in 1998. He was accused by a neighbor of supporting British writer Salman Rushdie. Lower appeals courts upheld the conviction; however, Supreme Court of Pakistan set aside the conviction and Masih had been acquitted. It proves that minorities in Pakistan get justice, whereas in India the courts give verdicts to appease Indian government.
The author continued to narrate dozens of incidents and wrote: “On 9 August 2002 gunmen threw grenades into a chapel on the grounds of the Taxila Christian Hospital in northern Punjab 15 miles west of Islamabad, killing four, including two nurses and a paramedic, and wounding 25 men and women. On September 25, 2002, unidentified Islamist Radical gunmen shot dead 6 people at a Christian charity in Karachi’s central business district. They entered the third-floor offices of the Institute for Peace and Justice (IPJ) and shot their victims in the head. It has to be mentioned that after 9/11, terrorists had gone berserk and they not only attacked Muslims, but their schools, mosques and even shrines were torched. For extremists and terrorists, there was no difference between Muslim or non-Muslim; however, because the US and the West– predominantly Cristians – had attacked Afghanistan, terrorists attacked them to take revenge.
Twitter Handler: Newscommunique.com published another story under the title ‘Pakistan Army Doing Organ Harvesting After Enforced Disappearance Of Ethnic Baloch, Pashtuns And Muhajirs’, which read: “\There are many reports about Pakistan Army doing Organ Harvesting of the missing persons. We decided to investigate this and the information we got was horrific. Pakistan Army is actively involved in abducting people from ethnic areas of Balochistan, leaving no evidences of arrests, torturing them and doing Organ Harvesting from their bodies and then disposing them off”. BNM Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch shared his party’s observations about these critical incidents. He said: “The grave violations of human rights, is not new in Balochistan. Since last two decades situation has exacerbated. Thousands of people have been victims of extreme torture and assassination.”
Human rights activist Naela Quadri Baloch in the past had said, “The pace with which our people are being abducted, in few years there will be no one left in Balochistan.” Human rights activist Naela Quadri Baloch had stated that the UN was silent despite Pakistan atrocities in Balochistan. She compared the suffering of Balochis to what the Jews went through at the hands of the Nazis or the pain of Bangladesh. She called it a warlike situation, genocide to eliminate the entire tribe. “As per the existing population, every day 10 to 50 people (in Balochistan) are getting disappeared which will result in the elimination of Baloch people”. She added, “They did the same with Bengalis, but their population was huge. Our population is less. They not only want Baloch resources including ports, gold, gas and natural resources but even the parts of our body including kidney and heart”.

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