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Need for restraint

It was wrong on the part of an advisor to the PM to say that creation of the PPP was misfortune of Pakistan. The PM needs more friends than enemies at this point in time and his advisors had better show restraint in the choice of words and avoid using language that grate on the political adversaries of the PM. Most of his so-called advisers are doing more harm than good to him by issuing unwarranted statements
There is no doubt that some of his advisers are highly educated and honest persons who are doing excellent piece of work and even his worst political foes admit their useful and productive work in the responsibilties assigned to them but his choice of selecting some persons as advisers has not stood the test of time.
The noted cleric Dr. Tariq Jamil hit the nail on the head when he said recently that Imran Khan has inherited a garden which is barren through and through and it would be a helluva job for him to set it right
POSTSCRIPT: The coronavirus has proved, if any proof was needed, that the former governments whether they were elected or dictatorial, didn’t spend enough money on the health and education sectors, otherwise, we would have fared much better in tackling this national calamity. No government worth its salt tried to promote a uniform system of education in the country nor did it equip hospitals in the public sector with the state of the art facilities to the extent they are available in the private sector which only elite of the country could benefit from.

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