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Change of faces in Information ministry

The information ministry is, perhaps, the most important ministry in any government. The information minister has to defend the popular as well as the unpopular decisions of the government. More often than not, he or she becomes the butt of the criticism of the opposition leaders. His or her job is sensitive in the sense that a slight slip of the tongue can land him or her into trouble. He or she has to be very particular and discreet in the choice of words. It has been observed that many information ministers were booted out by their political bosses before they had completed their stints in office
Experience of hindsight reveals that only those information ministers were successful in this country who remained on the right side of the media. The tragedy with the information minister who was shown the door recently rather ignonimously was that she had lost the confidence of media at large. Let us hope that the new information setup comprising information minister Shibli Faraz and Salim bajwa would prove themselves equal to the task assigned to them. Both of them enjoy good reputation. They are men of few words and a very cool temper They also avoid picking up quarrels with the media unnecessarily. The track record of their predecessors_in_office, has been unfortunately not very good on this scoreq and that was the precise reason why they were removed from their office so soon
It is extremely essential that they avoid overdoing their job. Publicity of government policies needs to be made in a very low_keyed manner. It is not necessary that every accusation made by the opposition should be replied in the same coin. There are many things which are better left unsaid.

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