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A laughable statement

The recent statement of President Trump is laughable in which he said that China was responsible for spreading coronavirus in America because it wanted that he should not win the forthcoming presidential election in the US scheduled for November this year. The American president also said that China is favouring his opponent belonging to the Democratic party in the November election. No sane person is going to buy this argument. Why should Beijing be interested to bet on a person of its choice to become the new tenant of the White House? It doesn’t matter a whit for Beijing as to who sits in the oval office
The fact of the matter is that Washington simply cannot stomach the grown and the growing political, economic and military influence of Beijing around the world. After dismembering Soviet Union, Washington thought that it is now going to be the sole superpower of the world Little did it realise that a new superpower in the shape of China is coming up which is going to dominate the politics of the world very soon. There is no gainsaying the fact that China today is the only country which can bare its teeth to the US which is scared of its strength in almost all spheres of life. Washington would go the whole hog in its diplomatic efforts to belittleChina in the eyes of the world community by creating an impression that the world has suffered due to Corona virus because of China so as to create mistrust and anger against China in the heart of people at large in the world
POSTSCRIPT: Bollywood lost two prominent actors during the past couple of days one after the other. Both died of cancer. Irfan Khan was a character, actor, par excellenceSoon after his death, came the news of demise of Rishi Kapoor, son of Raj Kapoor, the showman of Bollywood. Rishi Kapoor acted in many films which did good business at the box office There is no denying the fact that Bollywood would be poorer without them.

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