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Indian diaspora’s scams and frauds

The financial and visa frauds/cheating schemes planned and implemented by Indian diaspora have been exposed in a report, which states Indians have attained mastery to exploit loopholes in the policies. In collaboration with RAW, some of them indulge in activities detrimental to destination countries. Stewart Bell, a Canadian investigative journalist, wrote an article on social media website. He highlighted that Canadian security officials suspected two Indian intelligence agencies (RAW & IB) targeted an Indian, Editor-in Chief of an unnamed Indian newspaper to influence Canadian politicians to support and advance Indian interests. Suspect
denied allegations that he had been covertly tasked by Indian handlers; however, he confessed that he met intelligence agencies in the capacity of an editor. Canadian website Global News has also provided a court investigative document which proves how Indian agencies were carrying out covert operation against Pakistan and Canada by influencing Canadian leaders to promote India;s interests.
The court investigation raised some questions from the accused by saying: “You stated that you were tasked by RAW to covertly influence Canadian government representatives and agencies on behalf of the Indian government. You stated that the guidance from RAW included that you were to provide financial assistance and propaganda material to politicians in order to exert influence over them.” The report has exposed the hostile activities of Indian intelligence agencies against Pakistan and Canada. The Indians operate in countries of interest with their base in India. The student visa scams in the above countries, and a massive call centre scam is under inquiry in the US, the amount and magnitude of that fraud is many times more than Canadian scam. They amassed millions of dollars through fake ‘Call Centres’ in US and their latest presentation in Canada is ensnaring Canadians through fake tax network scam.
Canadian people term Indian scammers as financial terrorists. More than 74,000 Canadian have complained about the CRA phone scam. More than $16 million dollars have been stolen, making it one of the largest cyber scams in Canadian history. A Canadian federal force is also working in concert with its partners in the ‘Five Eyes’, an intelligence-sharing network that includes Canada, the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand (countries worst hit by Indian’s scams. Further technical assistance has come from Microsoft, which operates a large cybercrime laboratory at a high-security facility in Washington. As regards Students visa scam, the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are the most attractive destinations for students seeking a world-class. These countries and their universities recruit these global students both for their tuition fees and their brain power. During the years 2011-12 intelligence agencies and media reports indicated a surge in student visa frauds especially from India.
Owing to this, the governments cracked down on student visa frauds through a series of sting operations. The evidence clearly pointed towards involvement of very high percentage of Indian students and visa agents both at home and destination country. There is more to that. According to New Zealand MP Shane Jones’ statement on 3rd March, Indian students are ruining academic institutions in New Zealand. “The number of students that have come from India have ruined many of our institutions. We have page after page of examples of Indian students running into problems, including prostitution and crimes”. He was referring to fraud in the education system and exploitation of local students..
Last year, Mr. Jones had also voiced his concerns in relation of Indian community, stating that “Indians have no legitimacy in my view to bring their whole village to New Zealand”. Conclusively, the views of Mr. Jones represent the sentiments of countries where Indian diaspora lives in large numbers. The US had to devise sting operations. Canadians were extremely disturbed by display of lawlessness; public at large was terrorized by these ill-behaving Indian students who carried out gangster like acts as frequently done in Indian Universities or Indian public places. Such misdemeanor and criminal acts are hallmark of Indians national character that was revealed by the Indian soldiers performing duties in international peace missions.

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