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Disturbed borderline

It is a pity that there is lack of co-ordination and cooperation between the government and the opposition political parties in the face of Corona virus which has hit the economy of the country badly,, besides, taking many invaluable lives. Same or less situation prevails in the adjoining Afghanistan where political tussle between Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani has hitherto become a big stumbling block in the way of of evolving a strategy to combat this pandemic which has badly affected affected the economy of Afghanistan besides stalling the peace process between the Taliban and the US.
Odds are that Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani might hit it off soon. There is a likelihood of Abdullah Abdullah becoming the Prime Minister of Afghanistan and also getting 50% share in the the various ministries of Afghanistan .
Peace in Afghanistan is very essential peace and tranquility in Pakistan. The geography proximity of these two countries is such that if Afghanistan sneezes Pakistan is pound to cough
POSTSCRIPT: Lately there has been many incidents of terrorism in North waziristan. It seems that the terrorists want to regain some of their former hideouts from which they were kicked out by the Pakistan army three years back. It also appears that the soil of Afghanistan continues to be used by the Indian RAW as a launching pad for carrying out acts of sabotage inside Pakistan. It is now established beyond doubt that when the Martial law courts were operational in the country a couple of years back and stern punishments were being handed down to the terrorists, one had noticed appreciable fall in the incidence of terrorism in the country. Is not it necessary that once again same courts are reactivated for flushing out remnants of the terrorists from North Waziristan as well as for denying any new terrorist a foothold in North Waziristan.

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