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Natural Justice

There is a famous saying that behind every great fortune there lies a crime, What good is that money if it can’t save you from death .Only God ,the Almighty knows whether all stories about the modus operandi adopted by Sharif and Zardari families for building up big financial empires both inside Pakistan as well as outside are correct and if so to what extent but the fact remains that they are filthy rich families and these two persons are responsible for the tremendous increase in their wealth over the past three decades.
Today both Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, the owners of big financial empires are critically ill. They are suffering from diseases on the treatment of which they are spending millions of rupees like water without any guarantee that they would be able to recover from them successfully. Sometime back a video showing Zardari critically ill became viral on social media. About Nawaz Sharif little is known of his latest medical condition. Had any poor man contracted the diseases from which these two notable political personalities are suffering with, he would have joined the great majority by now. It is the expensive medical treatment which only rich persons like them can afford which is keeping them alive.
Lately, it has been observed that many such videos are being circulated on the social media which can prove disastrous for the law and order of the country because of very high sectarian content contained in them. The government had better preempt further spread of such videos on social media by taking Stern action against those responsible for or circulating them.

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