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Municipal issues

It is the common man who is suffering in the tussle between the CDA and municipal corporation Islamabad over exercise of some powers .The rift between the mayor and chairman CDA came to head recently when government suspended the mayor till the time the enquiry ordered against him could be completed. The mayor challenged the said decision of the government in Islamabad high Court which set aside his suspension order directing the government to allow him to work on his post.
The Mayor of Islamabad is a blue eyed boy of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who was instrumental in getting him nominated as mayor of Islamabad Municipal Corporation. It is said that Nawaz League fully supported him in his election as mayor of MCI. His performance, however, as mayor leaves much to be desired Many Civic problems of Islamabad still remain unresolved. No concrete step has been taken as yet to solve possible water crisis which is staring the federal capital in its face and which might hit it any time. The Federal capital is also facing the problem of disposal of its solid waste. No adequate space or place has been hitherto found by the MCI for disposing of the solid waste of Federal capital.
The MCI has also been not able to dispose of pye-dogs which are found in almost every residential sector of the Federal capital. Many old persons and children who often fall victims of dog bite don’t get adequate timely anti-rabies injections because of their non-availability in Federal capital’s hospitals.

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