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Problems galore

William Shakespeare had once said when misfortune comes, it comes in battalions. As if the havoc wrought by the corona virus wasn’t enough, locusts too have now also descended on this land. There is an imminent threat of Dengue’s onslaught also on this country. It is unfortunate that the man in the street is not paying heed to the frequent requests of the powers that be to follow religiously the precautionary measures for saving their lives from corona virus as this pandemic is going to stay for a much longer time with us till the scientists discover some medicine for its treatment. Till then we have to learn to live with it.
Corona virus has taken the wind out of the sails of many opposition parties forcing their leaders to stay indoors. The most they are doing now is this : they come on the TV screen to vent their spleen on the government, so in a way, this pandemic has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the government, otherwise, the opposition would have created many anxious moments for the government by now.
The PTI government is unfortunate in the sense that this pandemic has stymied its efforts to put the economy of the country on an even keel. The economic condition of the country was already in a bad shape when it entered into the corridors of power about two years back and it has gone from bad to worse after this pandemic hit the country in March 2020.There is no denying the fact that the next annual budget which is going to be announced in a couple of days is going to be very tough budget in the sense that it is being drafted at a time when the economic resources of the country have dwindled considerably allowing no room, whatever, to the government to carry out any new developmental activity in the country. Imran Khan deserves plaudits for asking the developed countries to help assist the third world counties including Pakistan in a big way for enabling them to find their feet.

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