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Anomalies galore

Whenever there is a price hike in petrol, the bus, wagon and taxi drivers automatically raise their fare but whenever there is a drop in the fuel price they look the other way and seldom reduce their fare commensurate with the reduction in fuel price. Road accidents have been taking more lives than cancer or heart attacks every year which is a sad reflection on the working of the traffic police in the country. The concerned authorities have not put in place any effective mechanism for periodically inspecting vehicles to ensure that only those vehicles ply on the road which have passed the fitness test and that is the precise reason why more often than not invaluable lives are lost due to tyre bursts and breakage of tie rods on roads. No action is taken against those drivers indulging in over speeding .Enough care is also not adopted while issuing driving licences.Teenagers under eighteen not in possession of identity cards and driving licences are seen driving vehicles right under the nose of traffic constables .There is a need to take blood samples on the spot of those drivers who indulge in rash driving and overspeeding.Those drivers who are found drunk while driving need to be heavily fined .Their driving licence also needs to be cancelled. Strict punishment needs to be given to them as without handing down strict punishment rash driving simply cannot be controlled.
Smoking kills. It is spreading havoc with the teenagers. There is no denying the fact that the main cause of lung cancer and cardiac diseases is smoking. It is, therefore, heartening to note that, at long last, the government is contemplating a ban on the sale of cigarettes to persons under eighteen .Every year 8.8 millions people die due to smoking in the world? In Pakistan about two lac smokers die every year on account of smoking. A survey reveals that children in the age group of 5 to 16 are getting addicted to smoking in Pakistan every year.

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