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Transparency in collection of funds

In-the-not-too-distant past a bank account was opened for the construction of Bhasha dam in which the people of this country deposited money according to their capacity whole-heartedly in a big way. The common man has got the right to know how much money has been deposited in it? The concerned minister ought to update the nation about the progress on it on the floor of National Assembly. New dams are urgently needed, otherwise, history is going to repeat itself and the country might plunge into the darkness once again as was the case when PPP was in power a couple of years back. Needless to add that the money contributed by the people of this country should only be spent on the purpose for which it has been collected and under no circumstances should it be diverted for any other work or project.
The prime minister was frank enough to tell the nation recently in his TV address that it will have to learn to live with corona virus till a vaccine is discovered for its treatment and that till that time the only way to fight it off is to adopt the precautionary methods about which the nation has been thoroughly briefed through all possible means. The reduction in the likely deaths on account of this pandemic can only be made if the common man religiously acts upon the SOPs being announced time and again by the government through media.
Lock-down or nor lock-down, our shopkeepers and traders must start their daily chores by opening their businesses with the first light every morning and then close their shops at sunset because by adopting this culture a lot of electricity can be saved .We shouldn’t forget that we haven’t as yet come out of the energy crisis.

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