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Action against the corrupt

Imran Khan is lucky that opposition is in a disarray. Its leaders have a lot to live down. The common man has tested almost all the main opposition parties in the past. Their performance left much to be desired. The PTI has come into power on the promise that it would bring back to Pakistan the looted money which the leaders of former two governments had transferred to foreign banks. No significant progress has been made hitherto for translating into reality this promise. The common man is utterly perplexed and confused. Had he been satisfied with the performance of the PPP and Nawaz League, he would never have voted the PTI into power. He had pinned great hope in the PTI. The federal government will have to deliver, otherwise, its fate won’t be much different in the next polls than the above mentioned two political parties which were shown the door by the electorate in the last polls. The people have heard enough of corruption stories of some opposition leaders. They now want concrete results. The criminal cases against the corrupt often fail because of the inability of the Prosecution department to fight them properly in the courts.
The common man also eagerly awaits the day when the government would take effective steps against those persons who had gobbled up millions of rupees which they had obtained from the banks as loan and then got them waived off using their political clout. What precludes the government from pressurising them so that they cough out these bank loans?
The price hike in edibles and other essential commodities is creating unrest among the people.There is a need on the part of civil administration to come down with a heavy hand on the black marketers and hoarders as increase in the price of foodstuffs is bringing a bad name to the government.

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