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Where is the writ of the government?

Time was when persons of the calibre of Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt, Jefferson, George Washington and Eisenhower, to mention a few, used to be the presidents of the U.S. Today a lesser person like Trump is the tenant of the White House. Commenting on the recent police action on the demonstrations of the black community in the U.S, he said that while he would not ask the police to open fire on the demonstrators he would certainly advise them to let loose blood thirsty dogs on them. Trump is notorious for issuing such ridiculous public statements. Didn’t he issue a statement when corona virus hit America that the Americans are unnecessarily worried about it. Nothing would happen to them if they drink dettol?
Prices of many essential commodities as well as transport fare should have gone down automatically commensurate with the reduction in petrol price in the country but, strangely enough, instead of going down the prices of many edibles have gone up! Where is the writ of the government and what good are the district price review committees if they cannot control the price index of consumer goods for which they were set up? The prime minister has very rightly directed the chief secretaries of all the provinces to make their presence felt and ensure that the traders don’t indulge in economic exploitation of the common man.
Let us admit that had the common man taken the corona virus pandemic seriously by acting upon the precautionary measures in letter and spirit so many deaths would not have taken place in the country. He has turned a deaf ear to the warnings given by the government through media time and again that if the man in the street himself didn’t give heed to them the health system of the country would collapse. No wonder he has to pay a very heavy price for his indifference to the oft-repeated advice of the government on this issue.

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