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Whither good governance!

How to set things right in the Steel Mills? It has been proving a white elephant since long. Previous governments have been dragging their feet on it for the fear that if it was denationalised there is going to be a big political backlash .They avoided taking any action which was politically unpopular .Things cannot be allowed to go on like this. No matter how much its political cost, the present government must take a bold decision and sort out this issue once and for all because it would be economically suicidal to pay from national kitty salaries of its thousands of employees without getting any return from them. The employees of the steel mill, instead of feeling aggrieved over the government decision to lay them off, should welcome it as a handsome golden handshake would be given to them in case they were shown the door.
It is unfortunate that at this point in time when the country is in the grip of a life and death struggle against corona virus the American journalist Cynthia should have come out with allegations of her sexual harassment against some PPP leaders and that too after a silence of nine years, Prima facie the allegations levelled by her look like a cooked up story to malign some politicians. What prevented her to keep her mouth shut for almost a decade is not understandable?
The recent shortage of petrol and price hike in consumer goods in the country speak volumes that good governance is still a far cry in this country. If one were to believe the government that
there are ample stocks of petrol, flour and sugar in the country, then how come the country was hit by petrol crisis as well as price hike in wheat atta? Something is certainly wrong somewhere which is bringing a bad name to the PTI government.

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