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Need for a thorough probe

An American woman Cynthia has been in the headlines in this country lately. One doesn’t know whether she is a genuine journalist or a media expert or she has been planted by the Americans for doing some dirty business for them. Our political leaders and highly placed bureaucrats have been giving access to her in their offices and residences. When due care is not exercised at such a high level in meeting foreign dignitaries, more often than not, such stories do come to the fore as have been linked with her name.
One is reminded here of the book titled The Six Day War written by the grandson of Winston Churchill after the war between Egypt and Israel in late 1960s in which he gives a detailed account of the introduction by Israel of beautiful Jewish women in the said war as spies who while posing themselves as Muslims developed relations with Egyptian pilots with whom they entered into wedlock after which they used to pass on minute to minute information of their movement to Israel and on the basis of which Israel Air Force attacked the Egyptian Air Force installations and destroyed 75 percent of them in single air strike. The point is that while many things disclosed by Cynthia might not be hundred percent correct the very fact that she managed to reach the corridors of power without much effort speaks volumes of the carefree manner in which our establishment handles the visit to this country of foreign nationals especially those belonging to the countries which have a doubtful track record of too much involvement in our internal affairs. There are a host of intelligence agencies that work in this country .They must have a lot to say on her credentials and nature of her activities in Pakistan where she has been staying for such a long time .Who is defraying her expenditures and for what purpose and is she really carrying out the work disclosed by her in her interviews or that is just a cover up job hiding her actual job which needs to be made public now.

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