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Political scenario in the country

The sudden scarcity of petrol and price hike in essential commodities wax eloquent of the fact that there is no such thing as the writ of the government in the country. The mafias in the various trading sectors give a fig to the civil administration and police. They cock a snook at them by disobeying their orders and the administration seems to be toothless in the face of open defiance of government orders. So helpless has the administration become that it cannot even make the shopkeepers close their shops strictly in accordance with the time schedule given by the government in the wake of corona pandemic .The economy of the country was already in a shambles when the PTI assumed power in the centre. The corona virus has further dented it beyond repair. In the circumstances the federal government could do little to present a better annual budget .It would take a long time before the country’s economy finds it feet again.
The public too has been blowing to smithereens the SOPs of the government on Corona pandemic as a majority of persons that one comes across on roads and markets don’t wear even the face masks what to speak of washing their hands with soap after two hours or using sanitizers. One often see them assembling in religious congregations cheek by jowl .Small wonder the Prime minister is thinking hard to tighten the screw of SOPs on them by declaring a complete lock down for a fortnight or so in order to contain the mounting death rate due to corona in the country.
The legal battle between the American lady Cynthia and some Pakistani politicians is popping into the headlines lately and is likely to engage the attention of gossip mongers for quite some time.

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