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Meaningless hullabaloo of the opposition

The hullabaloo raised by the opposition during the course of budget speech in the National Assembly was meaningless because a better budget than the one presented on 12th June in these extreme financial crisis could not be expected from any government. When such economically vibrant countries like the U.S, China and many European States are facing financial constraints today on account of corona pandemic, how can a country like Pakistan which was already under tremendous economic duress even before the eruption of corona virus pandemic could be expected to fare better. Instead of kicking up the dust on the floor of the House, it would have been better had the opposition ,in consonance with the true conventions and traditions of a parliamentary democracy should have presented in the form of a green paper alternative suggestions giving convincing reasons as to why it thought suggestions given by it were better in its view than those presented in the budget by the Treasury for coping with the financial crises .Criticism without sharing responsibility is the most easiest thing in the world.
Corona has taken the wind out of the sails of parliamentarians too. Since most of the leading members of parliament are suffering or have suffered this pandemic a majority of them in their own wisdom think it proper to sit out parliament as in their view adequate social distances don’t exist in the premises of NA despite adoption of all SOPs .Small wonder the NA gave a deserted look when the annual budget was presented on 12th June. Though the opposition did raise an uproar in the NA while Hammad Azhar was presenting the budget, its pandemonium turned out to be a lackluster affair .It was heartening to note that the PM attended the NA when budget was being presented. He should be regularly attending its sessions as it would add to the strength of this institution and silence those opposition leaders who accuse him of giving a wide berth to parliament.

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