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In the memory of Sabiha Khanum

Death laid its icy hands on Sabiha Khanum the other day. She died in the U.S. where she was staying with her offspring. She was the first genuine heroine of Lollywood like her illustrious husband Santosh Kumar who is also considered to be the first genuine film hero of Pakistan’s film industry.
Together with her husband, Sabiha gave many blockbuster films to Lollywood. Waada, Moseeqar, Mukhra,Qatil, Gumnam, Dulla Bhatti, to mention a few, come to the mind instantly .In Sarfarosh she also gave a memorable performance. She was a perfectionist and it can be said without any fear of contradiction that actresses like her have always been a rare commodity in our film industry.
Sabiha worked in both Urdu and Panjabi language movies and time was when the duo of Sabiha and Santosh was considered by many film producers to be a guarantee of a film’s success at the box office. Sabiha had developed a very good chemistry with Santosh Kumar and they enjoyed a very good and contended married life also. Santosh didn’t live long and Sabiha had to live many years of her life without him. Santosh’s younger brother Darpan too, who was married to Nayyar Sultana, another film celebrity, didn’t enjoy long life. Mention of Lollywood without mentioning Sabiha’s role as a film actress is simply unthinkable. With her passing away, an era of Pakistan’s film industry has ended. Lollywood would certainly be the poorer without her. Sabiha not only excelled in her roles as heroine, she also established her credentials as a character actress too in the autumn of her life. God had blessed her with a long life.She was 85 when she breathed her last.

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