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The Last Crusade Those dying are not Taliban not Sunnis, not Shias THEY ARE MUSLIMS

Speaking to the BBC on the 7th of November 2004, Lieutenant Colonel Gareth Brandl, an American officer said:
“The enemy has got a face. It is a Muslim face. He is called Satan. He lives in Fallujah.”
This ‘quote’ was used by Barbara Victor in her book “The Last Crusade”, to make a point. The point is so explicit and so unconcealed that I don’t need to mention it to be understood.
The Iraq War and the Afghanistan War are not about terrorism, or any identical socio-political motive. These strictly are religious wars that constitute what the born-again Christians of America identify as The Last Crusade launched by Christ’s favourite son George Bush.
Hundreds and hundreds of Muslims are dying every week in these wars. Those being killed in Iraq are called either Sunni insurgents or Shia militants. Those being eliminated in Afghanistan are dubbed as Talibans. It is so very convenient. If “the killed ones” are recognized as Muslims, the Crusade will take religious dimensions, and the world will know the truth behind the explanations of America’s president, his neo-con advisers and his Evangelical allies.
You bomb a village. Dozens perish. You call them Taliban. You raid a gathering and shoot like mad. Dozens go down in blood.
“We have killed 136 Talibans”, you declare. And you earn applause from London to Washington.
Talibans are not humans. They are Talibans. They are not even Afghans. They are Talibans.
In reality, they are dying for the crime of being Muslims. Like Iraqis are dying for the similar crime.
For Muslims it is a crime also to yearn for the winds of freedom -to rise up in arms against occupation -so as to earn the Jeffersonian right to rejoice in the sweet smell of Freedom.
Where will this Last Crusade launched by Bush lead to? How will it end? What will be the fate of its allies?
Will Bush indeed hasten the return of Jesus Christ?
Or the tide will turn yet again?
These questions are not going to be answered soon. But eventually we are all going to realize that those dying are not Talibans, not Sunnis, not Shias – they are Muslims. Muslims. Muslims.

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