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India is in trouble

India is in a trouble. It is biting off more than it can chew. It has misjudged China’s military strength before making some administrative and political decisions and has hoisted itself with its own petard. India, China and Kashmiris all three claim ownership of Ladakh. When India made Ladakh and Kashmir as a part of its Union’s territory by striking off Article 370 we and the Kashmiris couldn’t do anything except making a few statements here and there. China on the contrary silently without firing a single bullet occupied 60 square kilometres area in Ladakh. Siliguri Corridor is India’s Achilles heel and it is afraid that if China occupies it, India won’t be able to control effectively 8 of its provinces like Arunachal pardesh, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland Assam, Sikkim, Meghalaya and Manipur where freedom movements are being run for independence .
Besides, Bhutan also feels India has been using it against China and now it wants to mend fences with Beijing. Despite close business ties of New Delhi and Moscow ,Russia is going to prove itself as a natural ally of China as both China and Russia feel that it would be mutually beneficial to them to put up a joint front against the U.S. It is, therefore, next to impossible that Moscow would side with America or India against China, its burgeoning commercial ties with
New Delhi notwithstanding .The upshot of these arguments is that Modi’s policies have caused more harm than good to India
POSTSCRIPT: Next 60 days are very crucial ,insofar ,as corona virus is concerned. If the people of this country continued with their present carefree attitude, untold deaths are going to occur. The authorities on their part should make those persons spend at least a night in police station’s lock up who are found roaming without wearing a face mask.

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