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A month of budgets

The prediction of Imperial College London that by 10th August 2020 Corona virus would have taken one and a half lakh lives in Pakistan is quite alarming which has naturally forced the concerned government authorities to rethink about their present strategy of tackling with this pandemic.Isn’t it a pity that repeated sermons of the government to the man in the street to observe SOPs should have fallen on deaf ears?It is quite clear now that unless the government comes down with a heavy hand on those who don’t observe SOPs in letter and spirit the death rate in this country would touch the figure predicted by the Imperial College by August 2020.Enough is enough.Sometimes a government has to be harsh with its people in their larger interest and nothing can be larger than saving their lives.
This month is a month of presentation of annual budgets both by the federal and the provincial governments. Even a layman knows that corona has shattered the economy of the country considerably so nobody expected from the government any big relief in the annual budgets for the have-nots.Those in power haven’t got enough money to go round so it was quite natural that, barring the Sind government,the other governments very rightly didn’t increase the pay and pension of the government employees. One wonders how could the Sind government afford a pay rise in the pay and pension of its employees in the present financial constraints? When will our political parties learn to frame their policies commensurate with ground economic realities and avoid taking steps which are politically popular but economically disastrous for the country in the longer run?

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